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Ministry of Finance

Singh Durbar
Kathmandu, Nepal
Audio Notice Board: 1618 01 4211338  
Administration Division
Contact 4211300, 4211748 Joint Secretary
Budget and Program Division
Contact 4211316 Joint Secretary
Central Committee of Monitoring and Evaluation for Errors Clearance
Contact 4211318 Member Secretary
Chief Economic Advisor
Contact 4211340 Chief Economic Advisor
Corporation Coordination Division
Contact 1377,1407,4211993 Joint Secretary
Economic Policy Analysis Division
Contact 4211826 4211326 Joint Secretary
Finance Secretary\'s Office (Fax 4211164)
Contact 1332,4211161 Secretary
Financial Sector Management Division
Contact 1306,4211770 Joint Secretary
Honorable Finance Minister\'s Office (Fax 4211831)
Contact 1390,4211809 Finance Minister
Honorable Finance State Minister\'s Office
Contact 4211854 Finance State Minister
Intergovernmental Fiscal Management Division
Contact 4211316 Joint Secretary
International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division
Contact 1837,4211371 Joint Secretary
Legal and Consultation Division
Contact 1813,4211344 Joint Secretary
Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Contact 4200537 Joint Secretary
Revenue Management Division
Contact 1403,4211315,4211867 Joint Secretary
Revenue Secretary\'s Office
Contact 4211804 Secretary (Revenue)





Mr. Arjun Prasad Pokhrel(Joint Secretary)
Tel: 977-1-4200537

Assistant Spokesperson 

Tel: 977-1-4200426

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Updated: 2017-11-30