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2022-09-20 Nepal and World Bank Sign Agreements for $415 Million towards Building Infrastructure for Digital Development & Regional Transport and Trade Connectivity
2022-08-17 Development Cooperation Report 2020/21
2022-08-03 Government of Nepal and Government of Switzerland partner to enhance the quality of TVET Sector in Nepal
2022-09-04 Foreign Aid Commitments Fiscal Year 2079/80
2022-07-26 Japan Extends Scholarships to Government officers
2022-07-14 Alternative Energy Promotion Centre and Green Climate Fund sign US$ 21.12 Million grant
2022-07-14 Government of Nepal and World Bank Sign $80 Million Project to Improve Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Nepal
2022-07-15 Foreign Aid Commitments for Fiscal Year 2078/79
2022-06-08 Nepal and Switzerland Signed an Agreement
2022-05-27 सार्वजनिक खर्च पुनरावलोकन आयोग, २०७५ प्रतिवेदन
2022-04-28 CARES - 3rd Semi-Annual Progress Report
2022-05-05 Foreign Aid Commitments for Fiscal Year 2078/79 (Upto Baishakh)
2022-04-28 NEP: COVID-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support Program Project Completiion Report (CARES)
2022-03-10 Foreign Aid Commitments for Fiscal Year 2078/79
2022-01-25 Japan Provides Development Policy Loan to the Government of Nepal
2022-01-14 January 14, 2022: Enhanced Credit Facility
2022-01-06 Newsletter AUG - NOV 2021
2021-12-15 December 15, 2021: Agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Government of the Republic of Korea
2021-11-29 November 26, 2021: ADB Sign US $60m additional loan assistance
2021-11-29 Foreign Aid Commitments for Fiscal Year 2078/79