Revenue Management Division

Joint Secretary

Mr. Dhani Ram Sharma

Joint Secretary , Revenue Management Division (

Roles / Function / Responsibility

• To formulate and revise revenue policy.
• To formulate and revise revenue related laws.
• To analyze, implement and ensure the implementation of existing revenue policy.
• To work out initiatives for the reform of the existing tax system.
• To forecast annual revenue collection and monitor the collection.
• To prepare the draft of the Finance  Bill.
• To monitor, supervise and direct the departments under the ministry.
• To organize periodic meetings to review the revenue collection and implementation of revenue policies and programs announced by the budget and the Finance  Act. 
• To monitor the status of revenue collection regularly and issue necessary direction.
• To submit issues related to tax exemption and approval (tax and non-tax) for decision.
• To prepare and submit proposals on revenue related issues that need cabinet approval.
• To play the coordinative and supportive role in the tasks related to international tax, implementation of international agreements and double tax avoidance agreement.
• To help accomplish the works related to international organizations including WTO, SAFTA, BIMSTEC, and WCO.
• To determine non-tax revenue related policy, the scope of non-tax, the rate of non-tax and collection procedure, and to coordinate and collaborate with sectoral ministries for the effective collection of non-tax revenue.
• To mobilize the departments to recover revenue outstanding.
• To monitor the clearance of revenue related arrears.
• To play an advisory role in the revenue matters forwarded by provinces and local bodies.
• To accomplish management of revenue related grievances and complaints.