Administration Division

Joint Secretary

Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma

Joint Secretary , Administration Division



A ministry of efficient, effective, responsive and result-oriented administrative system.


To develop and operationalize a good human resource management, financial management and procurement system for the achievement of organizational objectives.


  • To provide competent human resources for the various Divisions and Departments.
  • To streamline a sound financial regulation practices.
  • To provide sound and effective procurement management system.

Strategic Goals

Human Resource Management (related to objective 1)

  • To develop performance-based career development system.
  • To introduce performance-based placement, reward and punishment system (based on interest, training, qualification, aptitude, etc.)
  • To provide training as per need and depute right personnel for training and get continuous feedback.
  • To provide motivated, qualitative and output oriented manpower.
  • To review and update continuously the manpower needs and provide right persons in right place.
  • To operationalize the performance based incentive system.
  • To link the performance evaluation with actual performance of the employees.

Financial and Procurement Management (related to objective 2 and 3)

  • To link the performance evaluation with sound financial regularities.
  • To maximize the utilization of resources.
  • To develop and operationalize an efficient, economic and transparent procurement management.


  • Development of database on recruitment, placement,
  • transfers, retirement, disciplinary act performance records
  • Human resource development with assessment of training needs of target groups
  • Development of network with the personnel sections of departments regarding database
  • Making up to date job descriptions of the employees
  • Development of network with the revenue offices
  • Making performance appraisal in time and report to the concerned
  • Strictly compliance of financial rules and taking action on all financial irregularities
  • Development and management of transparent and good procurement system

Performance Indicators

  • Job descriptions are available for all categories of staff
  • Posts are filled as per requirements
  • Regular Departments/Divisions are reorganized as per needs
  • Revenue targets are achieved as per targets
  • Number and nature of complaints from inside and outside are reduced
  • Financial irregularities are cleared
  • Sound financial management system is established

Expected Results

  • Positive image of MOF employees at large
  • Increase in employees satisfaction level
  • Better revenue collection
  • Better management of economy (macro/micro)
  • Increase in Tax payers and other stakeholders satisfaction
  • Efficiency in revenue collection
  • Reduction in amount and number of financial irregularities

Internal Factors affecting the implementation of program

  • Work culture
  • Motivation: financial as well as career development
  • Leadership dynamism