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The specific functions of the MOF are:

  1. Economic Policy, Financial Administration and Control
  2. Economic Analysis
  3. Allocation of Economic / Financial Resources
  4. Money, Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation
  5. Banking (including Agricultural Development Bank)
  6. Insurance
  7. Statement of Income and Expenditure (Budget)
  8. Revenue Policy and Planning
  9. Revenue Investigation
  10. Revenue Administration and Collection
  11. General Pricing Policy
  12. International Relations for Economic Development and Economic System
  13. International Conference on Economy and money
  14. Foreign Aid / Assistance
  15. Foreign Debt
  16. Foreign Exchange and Control
  17. Public Debt and Guarantee
  18. Salary, Allowances, Travel and Daily Allowances, Pensions, Gratuity, etc.
  19. Policy Formulation on Salary, Allowances, Bonus, Investment / Share and the Dividend of the Public Enterprises
  20. Government Treasury Administration
  21. Accounts / Control
  22. Office of the Auditor General
  23. Provident Fund
  24. Policy Formulation, Coordination and Privatisation of Public Enterprises
  25. Revenue and Financial Administration Training
  26. Capital Market