Ministry Of Finance

Administration Division
Contact 4211300 Joint Secretary
Budget and Program Division
Contact 4211355 Joint Secretary
Central Committee of Monitoring and Evaluation for Errors Clearance
Chief Economic Advisor
Economic Policy Analysis Division
Contact 4211310 Under Secretary (Statistics)
Finance Secretary's Office
Contact 4211332, 4211161 Secretary
Financial Sector Management & Corporation Co-ordination Division
Contact 4211364 Under Secretary
Fiscal Federalism Co-ordination Division
Contact 4211339 Section Officer
Honorable Finance Minister's Office
Contact 4211390,4211809 Finance Minister
International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division
Contact 4211371 Joint Secretary
Legal and Judgement Execution Division
Contact 4211404 Joint Secretary
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Contact 4200469 Joint Secretary
Revenue Management Division
Contact 4211336 Section Officer
Revenue Secretary's Office
Contact 4211400 Secretary (Revenue)