International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division

Roles / Functions / Tasks

The functions of International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division are related to the followings: International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division (IECCD) of the Ministry of Finance is entrusted to look after all the matters relating to external resources. Specifically, this Division has the following responsibilities:

  1. evaluate the proposals of projects of priority sectors for foreign assistance in close consultation with the line ministries;
  2. explore bi-lateral and multi-lateral funding sources necessary for the development projects;
  3. finalize the mode of external assistance through appropriate mechanisms -like project appraisal, feasibility study and negotiation with the donor agencies;
  4. process and finalize project documents and agreements on external assistance in cooperation with donors, National Planning Commission, concerning Ministry and Ministry of Law and Justice and Parliamentary Affairs;
  5. finalize the draft agreements;
  6. coordinate the foreign assistance for a specific project or sector in financial matters;
  7. resolve foreign aid related issues;
  8. process for tax and duty related matters for exemption of foreign aided projects, if necessary;
  9. obtain scholarship, expert's services and services of international volunteers and do the needful for it;
  10. update the profiles of the donors and the projects assisted by them.

Further more, IECCD acts as the focal point for all the donors on matters of external assistance. This Division also acts as a focal point of the line ministries for their foreign assisted projects. Thus, IECCD is involved in the development projects from the very beginning of project preparation stage to the negotiation, approval and implementation stages. Foreign assistance related agreements are signed by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of Government of Nepal. 

IECCD is headed by a Joint Secretary and is further staffed with Under Secretaries, Section Officers and Administrative and Clerical Assistants.