Financial Sector Management & Corporation Coordination Division


Vision, Missions and Functions

  • To improve, restore, coordinate, monitor, develop and expand the banking and the financial sector for the economic prosperity of the country.
  • To provide opinion and recommendations for the formulation of necessary policy through study and analysis of the policies and programmes adopted by the banking and the financial sector.
  • To formulate necessary policy with regard to the role, impact and management of cooperative institutions and non government financial institutions.
  • To accomplish the task of micro finance, rural financial management, and also accomplish the tasks including resource projection and data collection of foreign currency.
  • To accomplish the task of coordination, monitoring, development and expansion of policy, legal and practical aspects with regard to the prosecution related to insurance, capital market, agreed fund administration, mutual fund, deposit and loan guarantee, retirement fund and also prepare the report based on the study of those sectors.
  • To formulate policies related to the amount and framework of the government expenditure.
  • To analyze monitory policy, price policy and other general policies through collecting the information and statistics on the programs from the concerned agencies.
  • To study and analyze the government's financial situation.
  • To estimate projection and collect statistics of the source of foreign currency.